Collaborative student research

Are you interested in doing collaborative research with me, possibly culminating in publication and/or a Masters thesis? Great! I always have a number of research projects just waiting for the right student to come along. These projects can be empirical (i.e., programming and running experiments to test hypotheses) or they can be computational (i.e., programming models and running simulations).

Because I believe that effective research mentorship requires me to have substantive knowledge about your research project, most projects I mentor will involve Bayesian statistics and/or mathematical cognition. You can see my list of Masters thesis students below to get an idea of the nature of these projects.

If you are interested in a more detailed conversation about potential research projects I currently have available, just come to my office or send me an email, and we can set up a meeting. Before meeting, please take a look at some of my recent publications so that you have an idea of what topics might be most interesting to you.

Note -- after our conversation, if you still want to do a Masters thesis, you'll need to compose a 2-3 page "prospectus" document that explains the research problem you'll pursue, some background literature, and a brief description of the method you would like to apply. Because thesis work requires very good writing ability, I will carefully evaluate this document on both content and writing before finally admitting any student to enroll in thesis hours (PSYC 5088).

Current and previous thesis students

Name Thesis title Date graduated
Keelyn Brennan Operator preview effects in multiplication: Evidence of absence or absence of evidence? Current student
Steven McMullin Parameter recovery of search-based distance-minimizing techniques in shifted Wald distributions Current student
Bryanna Scheuler Validation of classical maximum likelihood estimation for estimating shifted-Wald models of response times (pdf) Spring 2022
Mihaela Codreanu Using ex-Gaussian modeling to reveal mechanisms of the flanker effect (pdf) Spring 2022
Annie Lenoir Psychometric modeling of the latent structure of dark personality traits (pdf) Spring 2021
Kristen Bowman Response time modeling for the size congruity effect: Early vs. late interaction (pdf) Spring 2020
Chelsea Bradley Retrieval induced forgetting in mental arithmetic (pdf) Spring 2018

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